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For your convenience, we've compiled answers to frequently asked questions below. Please scroll down to find comprehensive solutions to all your queries.

Is this a fake website?
If you think we are a scam, simply don't do business with us. We invest significant creative energy into crafting designs and content, all aimed at helping our genuine customers vividly express their interests and passions through our merchandise.

Do you ship pan India?
Yes, we do ship pan India. Shipping to urban areas will be faster.

Where are the products made?
The products available in our catalog are made in various locations across India.

What printing methods do you use?

Our cotton and cotton-blend items are brought to life through Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing. In this process, vibrant water-based inks are sprayed directly onto the fabric, allowing them to sink into the fibers for a long-lasting impression. This technique is our go-to for printing on a range of ready-to-wear items like t-shirts, crop tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

For our polyester-based products, we employ All-Over Printing (AOP) or sublimation techniques. Utilizing a combination of high heat and pressure, dyes are infused into the fabric, resulting in a seamless, high-quality finish. In this method, the fabric is printed first and then cut and sewn to assemble the final product.

When it comes to paper products like posters, we use state-of-the-art digital printers equipped with professional-grade inks to deliver a premium print quality.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Our typical delivery timeframe for the majority of our products is 7-10 BUSINESS days in most parts of India, while it extends to 12-14 BUSINESS days for Northeastern states, Jammu and Kashmir, and similar regions. Specifically for our intricately crafted All-Over-Printed items, we kindly ask for your patience as these pieces undergo meticulous cutting and sewing to achieve perfection, requiring a delivery window of 12-14 business days.

Please note that BUSINESS days refer to Monday through Saturday, excluding Sundays, public holidays, major festivals, political strikes, regional disturbances, etc. Deliveries to rural or semi-urban areas may take an additional one or two days. Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated as we strive to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship in each product we deliver.

During particularly busy weeks when order volume is high, some delays in processing may occur, as we are a small but dedicated team. If you have any queries about your shipment, feel free to reach out to us via email.

Where can I track my order?
Orders can be tracked using the tracking link provided to you. It will be available to you after the order is processed.

May I get a tracking number?
Yes, of course! All orders include tracking after the order is processed (usually 2-4 business days). Email info@themanan.in with your order number if you are missing a tracking number and we will send you one at our soonest convenience. Please note that the order number is not your tracking number.

Will you email me when my order is shipped out?
Yes! You will get a confirmation email after you have placed your order, and another when your order is dispatched.

How can I pay?
We use Razorpay payment gateway. You can pay using all bank cards/net banking/UPI etc. We do provide cash on delivery facility.

What happens if I type in the wrong address or phone number?
If you provide us with a wrong address or phone number and the shipment has not been sent out please email us at info@themanan.in & we will change it to the correct address and phone number.

If it has been sent out, it is not our responsibility to re-send that item with your new address or phone number, so please make sure to type in your correct address or phone number when placing your orders!

Shipping charges & taxes 
Shipping charge and GST are included in the product price. 

My account got debited but I have not received order confirmation
Once an order is placed order confirmation e-mail is sent automatically. If you do not see the e-mail in your inbox, please check your junk/spam/promotion mail folders. If you have still not received confirmation, that means your payment was unsuccessful. Please raise a request at info@themanan.in to get the exact status of the transaction. 

Wrong design/color received
If you receive a product you did not order, just send us a clear picture of it to info@themanan.in along with your order number. We'll send you a free replacement. You don't have to send the wrong product back to us :) All we'd need would be a picture. 

Wrong size received
If you've received an item in the wrong size, first double-check the order you placed. In many instances, customers inadvertently select the wrong size during the ordering process, and in such cases, we can't offer returns or exchanges.
However, if you did order the correct size but the dimensions of the product differ from those on our size chart, we're happy to provide a free replacement. To validate your claim, lay the shirt flat, measure the chest area from armpit to armpit using a tape measure, and take clear overhead photos showcasing these measurements. Email these pictures along with your order number to info@themanan.in.

If the product you receive matches your order but doesn’t fit well, we offer an exchange option at your expense. Costs for this type of exchange include the re-creation of the product and shipping fees, and these will differ depending on the product. To proceed, send us an email and we’ll share a payment link for the exchange.

Please note that we follow our own sizing chart; we don't adhere to any "standard" sizes, as apparel sizing varies from brand to brand. Returns or exchanges based on comparisons with other brands' sizing won't be accepted.

Order status is showing 'delivered' but I haven't received it
If you haven't received your order, please first consult with your building's security personnel, landlord, coworkers, office representatives, or family members who may have accepted the package on your behalf. If you still can't locate it, kindly wait an additional business day. Sometimes, familiar courier staff may mark the package as delivered ahead of its actual arrival. If the package remains missing after this extra day, please email us at info@themanan.in, and we will take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Need courier delivery person phone number
We don't have direct contact with the courier staff since they are managed by their respective courier companies. If the delivery person's contact information isn't included in the SMS you received from the courier service, we won't be able to furnish that for you. Your best course of action is to await a call from the courier for delivery. Alternatively, you can reach out to the courier company's customer care, whose contact details are readily available on their official website.

Not delivered on time
We completely understand how frustrating it can be to experience delays in receiving your order, especially if it's for a special occasion or if you simply dislike waiting. Our typical process involves shipping your order from our factory within 2-4 business days of confirmation, followed by an additional 4-6 business days for delivery.

However, exceptional circumstances such as inclement weather, labor strikes, public protests, holidays, or lockdowns can cause delays. Additionally, courier delivery centers may reach their capacity limits due to staff shortages, further contributing to delays.

We sincerely appreciate your patience in these instances. Rest assured, we will continually update you on the status of your order, and you'll also have access to tracking details for real-time updates. Should you have any concerns about delivery timelines, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@themanan.in.

I ordered by mistake/I'm no longer interested
The orders can't be cancelled after the ordered product is printed.

Why do some products look different from pictures on website?
Please note that the images displayed on our website are digital representations of design files and may not precisely reflect the final physical product. Our advanced printing technology strives to match the online images as closely as possible. However, minor color variations can occur due to the inherent differences between digital viewing and fabric printing. Elements such as gradients and semi-opaque designs may not translate perfectly onto fabric. Additionally, fine lines in the design may not appear as sharply as they do on-screen.

Will you have more designs, styles, and products often?
Certainly! We frequently refresh our product lineup and styles. To stay in the loop about our latest offerings and special sales, make sure to follow us on social media and turn on notifications for updates.

I want a personalized touch. Do you customize products?
Yes, we do but it depends. First, let us know the details about your requirements. Mail your request to info@themanan.in.

I have got a new idea and I would like to suggest designs
We're constantly on the hunt for innovative and original concepts. If you have an idea you'd like to share, please email it to us at info@themanan.in. We'll thoroughly evaluate its potential and reach out to discuss it further. Should we choose to bring your idea to life, you'll receive a complimentary t-shirt featuring your own design.

I love your store. How can I help you?
We're thrilled by your support and it fuels our dedication to excel. Feel free to spread the love by sharing our website and social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to recommend us to your loved ones. In return, we promise to continually delight you with our innovative designs and high-quality products.