About Us

A Merch Store dedicated to Medicos

We are a unique online store offering premium quality and trendy merchandise exclusively designed for doctors, nurses and medical students.

Our fantastic collection of fashion merchandise encompasses a wide range of meaningful, eccentric and stimulating graphic t-shirts, hoodies and other accessories.

Constantly exploring various aspects of this profession and diving deep into different medical specialities, we are always working on new graphic designs, medical quotes and funny ideas.

At the heart of it all, we are a small business just trying to bring a smile to every medico and help him or her flaunt his love for medicine in an incredibly fantastic way!

The Manan is the brainchild of Bitupon Rajkhowa. Creative, zealous and ambitious, he has always desired to go above and beyond the ordinary. Breaking the boundaries of stereotyping is at the top of his list.

A motivated and self-taught graphic artist, Bitupon launched The Manan in 2018 on a day declared International Friendship Day.

His vision was to create graphic products that ignite curiosity in people’s minds, start a conversation among strangers, celebrate ideas among intellectuals and cherish memories with friends—putting something exciting on the outfits that people could relate to and reflect upon.

So, he went on to explore and experimented with random niches before getting into the medical niche.

The word 'Manan' means 'reflection or deep state of thinking' in Sanskrit. For us, every idea has the potential to be great, and at The 'Manan', just like the name suggests, we want to create thoughtful and meaningful designs.

We love to hear about new design ideas, and we are always open to inputs from you. Hit us up whenever inspiration strikes and we will get back to you as soon as we can.