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Please scroll below we have answered all your common queries.

Is this a fake website?
If you think we are a scam, simply don't do business with us. We put a lot of effort in creating designs and content for the people who want to genuinely express their interest/passion through our merchandise.

Do you ship pan India?
Yes, we do ship pan India. Shipping to urban areas will be faster.

Where are the products made?
The products available in our catalog are made in various locations across India.

What printing methods do you use?
All our cotton or cotton blend products are printed using Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Using this technique, pigmented water-based inks are applied to the garment’s surface and are absorbed by the product’s fibers. This printing method is used for directly printing on ready-made cotton t-shirts, crop-tops, hoodies, sweatshirts etc.
Polyester based products are printed using All-over printing (AOP) or sublimation. This technique uses high heat and pressure to apply dyes onto the product. During the printing process, the dyes are absorbed by the material (or fabric), creating a seamless, smooth finish. The fabrics are printed first, followed by cutting and sewing to create the final product. Paper products such as posters are printed using digital printers that use professional-grade inks.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Once you place your order, there will be a 2-4 business day processing period followed by a 4-6 business day shipping period. In total, it can take anywhere from 7-10 business days to receive your items. Exception: All over printed (AOP) products are delivered in 12-14 business days. Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions regarding your shipment!

(Business days means all days excluding Sunday and Public holidays)

Where can I track my order?
Orders can be tracked using the tracking link provided to you. It will be available to you after the order is processed. 

May I get a tracking number?
Yes, of course! All orders include tracking after the order is processed (2-4 business days). Email info@themanan.in with your order number if you are missing a tracking number and we will send you one at our soonest convenience. Please note that the order number is not your tracking number.

Will you email me when my order is shipped out?
Yes! You will get a confirmation email after you have placed your order, and another when your order is dispatched.

How can I pay?
We use Razorpay and Cashfree payment gateways. You can pay using all bank cards/net banking/UPI etc. We do not provide cash on delivery facility.

What happens if I type in the wrong address or phone number?
If you provide us with a wrong address or phone number and the shipment has not been sent out please email us at info@themanan.in & we will change it to the correct address and phone number.

If it has been sent out, it is not our responsibility to re-send that item with your new address or phone number, so please make sure to type in your correct address or phone number when placing your orders!

Shipping charges & taxes 
Shipping charge and GST are included in the product price. 

My account got debited but I have not received order confirmation
Once an order is placed order confirmation e-mail is sent automatically. If you do not see the e-mail in your inbox, please check your junk/spam/promotion mail folders. If you have still not received confirmation, that means your payment was unsuccessful. Please raise a request at info@themanan.in to get the exact status of the transaction. 

Wrong design/color received
If you receive a product you did not order, just send us a clear picture of it to info@themanan.in along with your order number. We'll send you a free replacement. You don't have to send the wrong product back to us :) All we'd need would be a picture. 

Wrong size received
If you've received the wrong size, please check the order you placed with us. We've seen in most of the cases that the wrong size is selected by our customers when they place the order. In cases like those, we do not accept returns/exchange.
If you ordered the right size, but the product dimensions are different from what is mentioned on our size chart, we'll be more than happy to send you a free reshipment :) Lay the shirt on a regular flat surface and measure the chest of the shirt with a meter scale/tape. Click clear pictures of the same and mail the pics to info@themanan.in along with your order number. 

Order status is showing 'delivered' but I haven't received it
Please check with your watchman/security/landlord/colleague/office representative/family member or any other person who might have received the order on your behalf. If still not received, wait for another business day, because sometimes when the address is known to the courier staff, s/he marks the order as delivered and actually deliver the order on next business day. Still not received, send us a mail to info@themanan.in, we will do the needful.

Need courier delivery person phone number
We do not have direct access to courier staff as they are managed by courier companies. If their phone number is not mentioned on the SMS sent to you by courier company, we won't be able to provide you the same. Please wait for the courier to call you. Or else, you can contact the customer care number of courier companies (which is available on the courier company website).

Not delivered on time
We totally understand that it's highly frustrating not to receive the orders on time. You might have ordered it for a special occasion or you simply don't like waiting. Our orders are delivered from our factory depending on the order demand and design. We usually ship the order within 2-4 business days of receiving it. And it takes up to 4-6 business days by the shipping companies to make your order reach you.

But, in some rare cases it might be delayed due to courier operational issues/bad weather/strikes/protests/holidays/lockdown etc. Also every courier delivery center can't accommodate packages after a certain limit due to staff shortage hence the delays are caused. We'd really appreciate if you wait for your order for a few more days. We'll always be there to assist you and let you know about it's status. You'll have the tracking details too to keep a check on the status. Feel free to contact info@themanan.in if you face any issues due to the delivery time.

I ordered by mistake/I'm no longer interested
The orders can't be cancelled after the ordered product is printed.

Why do some products look different from pictures on website?
It’s important to remember that pictures on website are digital renderings of design files, and are not the actual final products. Our printers ensure that the printed outcome matches the pictures as closely as possible yet the final print can result in minor discrepancies in the color outcome. This is because print on fabric is different from what we see on screen or what we expect from print on paper. Gradients and design elements that are less opaque don’t translate well in fabric printing - printers will attempt to make up the missing color by spreading the ink. Also very thin lines on the design will not be as clear as seen on the screen.

Will you have more designs, styles, and products often?
Yes, we update styles and products regularly. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages and enable notifications for sales and new arrivals! 

I want a personalized touch. Do you customize products?
Yes, we do but it depends. First, let us know the details about your requirements. Mail your request to info@themanan.in.

I have got a new idea and I would like to suggest designs
We are always looking for new and fresh ideas. Just submit your idea to info@themanan.in, we will do more research and cogitate on it and get back to you. If we decide to use your idea, we will send you a free t-shirt with your design printed on it.

I love your store. How can I help you?
We love you too. Your support motivates us to work harder. Please share our website, Facebook/Instagram posts and recommend us to your dear ones. We will reciprocate your love with great designs and products from time to time.