One for the doctor

One for the doctor

Being a doctor, you go through your whole life as if you are destined to remain astute and be serious all the time. No matter how much you tell people that you have a life of your own – your interests, your hobbies, your dreams, your pursuits – they will always see you as a person who must have no time for being jolly because you are too busy with studying. This presumption feels good at the beginning of medical school but soon loses its charm, and much to your annoyance, it only intensifies as you get further in your career.

However, I get you. I am here to treat you with the heart of an understanding friend. I know you are glued to the screen when a new episode of Game of Thrones is up, I know that you too, like the rest of the earth, binge-watch Friends every now and then, but especially, I am aware that you are normal human beings who want to dress well and have a good sense of humor. Instagram-worthy desk accessories are a bonus!

My brand, The Manan has come up with a unique collection that is targeted towards doctors. No, no, it’s not just “Dr. XYZ” sort of customizable products, you’ll find various pop culture references and if you’re simply a nerd, you will fall in love with the puns! If you don’t belong to the medical field, you can gift our products to your doctor friend. One of the t-shirts that I gifted my microbiologist friend was “Sanskaari microbiologist” which is a spin on “well-cultured microbiologist.” Everyone in his class loved it and it was a hit with his teachers too!

However, everything good brings with it, its fair share of controversy. Though the designs and phrases are witty and positive, with a dash of pop culture references catering mainly to young adult doctors in their twenties and thirties, some people have fixated on a few designs.

Specifically, a T-shirt with “Sabka katega” has come under fire. The design shows a surgeon ready to make an incision for performing surgery. The scene is shown from the perspective of the patient lying on the operation table. It is quite a witty play on words as the phrase “Sabka katega” literally means “everyone is going to be cut/incised” but in this case, it means “the surgeon will perform surgery on all patients.” Explaining a joke takes away from the essence of it. You must order it or go to our site and see for yourself!

Another design that was given much bad air was “Andh Bakht.” “Andh” means andha or blind, whereas “Bakht” means a follower. Colloquially, an Andh Bakht would be a person who follows others without any thought of reason. Sort of like that taana our mothers made “Agar baaqi sub pahar se challang marenge ge, kiya tum bhi maro ge?” (If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do the same?) when you wanted to do something your friends did or if you didn’t study hard for a test because your friends were not doing either. The products which carry this design are a t-shirt and a hoodie. The design states, “According to ophthalmology, an Andh Bakht needs a new perspective.” Normally, a blind follower gets himself into trouble or is taken advantage of. This means that they need to see things from a different angle and follow that which is good for them. It is an ophthalmology joke – or perhaps a life lesson. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine in which eye structure, function and diseases are studied and treated. The shirt is harmless and good-intentioned – just like our mothers' taanay. I suggest you to plan to get it and wear it for Mother’s Day. It’ll probably make your mother happy. But don’t get it because I told you so, you Andh Bakht.

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